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Half Blue

2019, modified Code 3 - 2100 police lightbar, floor projection, single channel sound, 10min.


This installation is part of a long-term poetic exploration on the colors, tones, and language that have emerged around the increasing militarization of police and it’s personal impact on family, friends, and community. The sound piece addresses the many forms of injustice that are symptomatic of aggressive policing, from direct physical violence on communities held suspect, or as systematic violence from a justice system that values certain lives, skin tones, and cultural groups over others. The installation is made up of a floored and modified police lightbar, a speaker, and projections, creating a space to honor those who have fallen victim to this type of injustice, and to celebrate strategies for coping and resilience.

To hear the sound piece please email a request.
Read the annotated audio script here (pdf)


Select documentation from installations at the Berlinale Forum Expanded exhibition and the Minneapolis Museum of American Art.













A Deeper Half Blue listening session with Margaret Ogas, George Abraham, Dua Saleh, Pedram Baldari, Sagirah Shahid at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, organized by Mizna.