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Stones Gods People
2016, performance & video - notes for an opera about frozen spaces, after Statues Also Die.

A Yellow Memory from the Yellow Age
2015, sound - the story of a color, a sign, language - militarized tones.

28th Color
2013-2016, photos & text - stories about spectras, of all the empty spaces that define a city.

space, breath, time
2015-ongoing, performance & installation - a score for any musical instrument that has been granted asylum.

2013-ongoing, performance - a party, on the politics and gender dynamics of bass.

Half Step
2013-ongoing, performance & installation - a dance about in-between steps, and some questions about how we listen.

Sampling Concrete
2014, performance - the hijacking of a construction site, the set up of a new rhythm within an existing one.

2014, video - a spectacle, of spectatorship.

red filled the intervals... between the musical notes
2012, graphic poem - colored in red, on the history of music photography in the Middle East.

2012, sound - these are the lives of the sounds from the days of our lives.

langage. power. difference
2010, photos & video - on the evolution of abandonment.

Electric Kahraba
2014-ongoing, radio broadcast programs - from and WNYU.

2007-ongoing, music - adventures in rhythm and sound.

Under the Shade of Apprehension
2010, video - memory and myth in south Lebanon.

Remains from the medium of time
2010-ongoing, photo - on the politics and economy of music.

MUSIC VIDEOS (collaborations with Invincible):

› Detroit Summer ft. Invincible + Waajeed (2010)
› People Not Places ft. Invincible w/Suhell Nafar and Abeer (2009)
› Locusts ft. Invincible + Finale (2008)